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Aussie study sez everyone looks better after a few. They needed a study for this?!

on 31/01/11 at 5:04 pm

Booze News

Boozy Aussies at the butt of beer goggle jokes may take some comfort from a new survey which found the phenomenon is common among drinkers.

The beer goggle phenomenon – where a night on the tiles is apparently helping transform ugly ducklings into beauties across the nation – is being studied, with men and women revealing how their judgment has been affected on a night out.

Nearly a quarter of those who took part in the FebFast survey said they find others better looking after having a few drinks. 

A tipple or two also boosts their own self-confidence, the results show, with many admitting to feeling sexier after getting on the grog.

And almost one in four of the 1009 respondents said a few drinks also helps them believe others find them more aesthetically pleasing.

But our sober friends tell a different story.

Almost three quarters of those surveyed said they don’t find drinkers attractive when they’re not under the influence themselves.

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