Bored? Make booze at home in your spare time with EasyStill

on 22/01/13 at 1:14 pm

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a1EasyStill – The table top still unit that makes it easy to distill alcohol.

At last it is easy to make alcohol distillation a hobby. The actual distilling is as easy as making coffee!

EasyStill is a tabletop distillation unit. 4 liters of mash or wine are added and the unit plugged in. No cooling water required no thermometer or other nuisance. The unit is fan cooled. If you forget the unit it switches itself off when the boiling vessel is empty.

Warming up takes one hour, and then distillation takes 2 hours. This gives 1.4 liters of spirits of approximately 46% alcohol by volume (92 proof). Activeted carbon purification takes place during distillation through a 40mm X 500mm purifying tube with pre wetted food grade activated granulated carbon (we recommend 0.4-0.85 mm activated stone carbon from

The spirits produced have the flavour of vodka and are ready to drink or flavour with essences or herbs. Those choosing the easy way connect up a timer so the process looks after itself.

You can, if you wish, distill the same spirits again, and the strength will be 88% ABV (176 proof) and even more pure.

The distillation unit

EasyStill is a tabletop unit of the highest quality. The boiling vessel and the cooling tube is of stainless steel and lasts forever.

The EasyStill is finished in stainless steel externally and internally. The unit is a so-called Pot Still, a simple unit.