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Chicago felon gets $105K grant to open liquor store where stores are banned

on 03/10/13 at 9:14 am

Booze News

indexKeeping the sordid reputation of Chicago politicians alive and not-so-well, Alderman Deborah Graham reportedly gave convicted drug dealer Frederick “Juicy” Sims great assistance in getting a huge monetary grant to open a liquor store in Chicago, according to Opposing Views on Tuesday, as well as an original report by the Chicago Tribune.

Sims, who previously gave Alderman Graham a $2,000 donation for her political campaign, received a six-figure public grant to open his liquor store. The grant involved a $105,000 tax increment in financing, which is beyond the fact that a ban on liquor businesses had to be lifted for Sims to open shop.

The liquor store is in a neighborhood where such businesses have been banned for the past ten years – as the area is inundated with liquor stores already, having two other liquor stores within a block of the new business. Ironically, Graham is credited with previously leading the politicians to ban liquor licenses in the area.