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Controversial Four Loko Back On Shelves

on 05/01/11 at 1:57 pm

Booze News

After an FDA ban a drink that has caused a whirlwind of controversy for its high alcohol and caffeine content is back on store shelves.

In mid-November Four Loko and six other caffeinated-alcoholic beverage makers received a letter from the FDA saying their product is a public health concern.

So Four Loko is now reformulated and back out on the market.

The drink returned to stores only about 2 weeks after it was banned.  The makers of the drink altered the ingredients…

“It just doesn’t have the energy in it, tastes the same,” said Kortney Self, Manager of Charlie’s Wine & Spirits.

The drink doesn’t have the caffeine and two other ingredients, but substance abuse advocates still think the beverage is dangerous…

“It’s a concern with the high alcohol, and the low price. When you can buy something like this fairly inexpensive, you worry that people are going to go, and of course drink it rapidly,” said Linda Phillips, Executive Director, Siouxland Cares.

You can buy a Four Loko for less than three dollars.  The drink contains 12 percent alcohol.

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