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Drinking diet mixers with alcohol could make you drunker

on 13/05/13 at 11:11 am

Booze News

Untitled1Diet drinks have soared in popularity. But a new study suggests drinking them as mixers could get you drunker and affect breath tests.

Drinking alcohol with diet soft drinks could make you drunk quicker, a new study suggests.

With more and more of the weight-conscious turning to low calorie foods and liquids, diet drinks have soared in popularity.

But consuming the sugar free beverages as an alcoholic mixer could have an unwanted side-effect as the lack of sugar could lead to a more potent alcoholic kick.

Research carried out by the Northern Kentucky University found that mixing alcohol with a diet soft drink led to higher breath alcohol concentrations than if the same level of booze was guzzled with a regular sugar-sweetened mixer.

“The mechanism for this may be similar to the manner in which absence or presence of food in the stomach alters alcohol absorption and metabolism,” said Dr Cecile Marczinski, assistant professor at the university, in her research paper.

“It appears that a regular sweetened beverage might be treated by the stomach somewhat like food.”

To break down alcohol, the body needs energy which is produced from glucose.