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Hello! Introducing Blue Ice Gluten-Free Vodka. Drink On.

on 01/05/13 at 6:41 pm

Booze News

blue-ice-vodkasBlue Ice Vodka, a US potato vodka produced at Distilled Resources in Rigby, Idaho has become the first spirit brand in America to feature a “Gluten Free” designation on its package label.

A Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is required for all alcoholic beverage labels in the US. With testing methods in place to verify all gluten free claims, Blue Ice Vodka is the first spirit brand to achieve a “Gluten Free” COLA approval by the TTB.

Gray Ottley, a director at Distilled Resources, said: “Introduced in 2001, Blue Ice Vodka catapulted America’s first and largest potato distillery, Distilled Resources [formerly Silver Creek Distillers] onto the map with a homegrown, premium vodka made from Idaho Russet Burbank Potatoes.

“We are very proud of our vodka distilling heritage and pioneering efforts at Distilled Resources and with Blue Ice, specifically. Three years in the making, federal approval to officially label Blue Ice Vodka as gluten free is another progressive step for the industry and for all of those who suffer from gluten intolerance.”