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Hey, science says being a regular at a bar is good for you!

on 09/02/16 at 4:16 pm

Booze News

Nightlife-people-at-GrandmasbarYup, a new study from Oxford University – where would we be without ‘studies’ to validate our deepest desires? – found that if you hang out at your local Cheers, you’ll be happier and have a kickass social life. It’ll also put the brakes on your binge drinking. Cause, you know, friends don’t let friends binge drink…at least in front of them.

Getting your face out of your cellphone and communicating with a real live person may actually be good for you. I know it is for me because I wholeheartedly advocate going to a bar – as I write in my blog – soon to be its very own website – “a woman walks into a bar…and life happens!” And it surely does.

So, hit your local…new friends and acquaintances are waiting for you!