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Holy Cow! US Mixologist makes 1,003 cocktails in one hour, breaks record

on 18/03/11 at 11:39 am

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US Breaks Guinness World Record, Proving America is the True Birthplace of the Cocktail

NYC Mixologist makes 1,003 cocktails in one hour and does it “green” with the help of the world’s only sustainable vodka, 360 Vodka

On Sunday night, history was made when local mixologist and tri-athlete, Sheldon Wiley shattered Germany’s world record for making the most cocktails in one hour, creating 1,003 premium, mouth-watering cocktails and bringing the title back to the US where it rightfully belongs.

A rivalry between Germany and the US emerged as the world record exchanged hands in recent years, but Wiley put an end to this cycle on Sunday night when he broke the existing record of 937 cocktails set by German mixologist Matthias Knorr on July 25, 2010.

“I wanted this record to be about more than just speed,” said Wiley, “I wanted to exemplify the integrity and craft of cocktails in an environmentally responsible way to showcase America’s commitment to cocktail culture.”

To honor this commitment, Sheldon used four ingredients, (Germany used the minimum requirement of three,) he avoided the use of a fountain gun that diminishes the quality of cocktails and made each cocktail premium and eco-friendly using the world’s only sustainable vodka, 360 Vodka.

“As an avid green supporter, I insisted on partnering with American made 360 Vodka who helped me leave the smallest footprint possible while setting this exciting new world record,” said Wiley.  “They provided me with compost bins, recycling totes, 85 percent recycled glass bottles, seed coasters and other key ingredients to ensure mother earth received a special drink too.”

“We were proud to support Sheldon in his quest to break such an important world record for the mixology industry “said Vic Morrison, Vice-President of Marketing for the Earth Friendly Distilling Company, makers of 360 Vodka. “Sheldon raised the bar, and we will raise a glass to him and the environment for years to come.”

While Wiley was cheered on by many mixologists from across the country, the Guinness adjudicator kept a close eye on his progress. The strict rules, set and enforced by the Guinness World Record Authority stated that each cocktail must contain no less than three ingredients, be unique, made one-at-a-time and in a pre-determined order. Wiley did it 1,003 times.

“Breaking the world record, while respecting the art of the cocktail and making Mother Nature proud is thrilling!  Finally, my thirst has been quenched.”

Link to high-res event photos and B-roll video footage: www.playfight.ca/guinnessNYC


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