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‘Inebriator’ is the robotic bartender everyone needs

on 03/09/12 at 8:52 am

Booze News

Anyone who said robotics and liquor don’t mix obviously never met the guy who created “The Inebriator” — a robotic alcoholic drink dispensing machine. The thing of dreams for any bachelor pad or man cave, this open-source project allows users to create the perfect drink with the touch of a button.

It uses an electronic display to provide different drink selections. Once an option is selected, motors begin to move a glass-sized pedestal to the appropriate liquor bottle. Alcohol is then dispensed based on the settings for the selected drink, and then it’s off to the end of the line so the mixers can be added in.

Dispensing of the mixers acts like a soda fountain, with a gas tank connected to the various beverage bottles. “When the gas tank is opened (through a regulator) the bottles are pressurized to a low safe pressure,” explains the creative engineer on the official Inebriator website. Each mixer is independently controllable.

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