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Leave it to Texas. Dentist offers beer & wine to take the ‘edge’ off

on 11/05/11 at 10:13 am

Booze News

The ‘beer dentist’ also gives free whitening.

DALLAS – For some people, there is no place scarier than the dentist’s chair.

Thanks to a hip new take on the profession, a dentist in Texas is telling his patients – there is nothing to “beer”.

Doctor Clint Herzog serves beer and wine to patients in the waiting room at his “Floss Now” dentistry.

A mailer offering “free spirits with a cleaning” helped ease nervous patients into the dentist’s chair.

First he takes the edge off, then he scrapes the plaque off, and to top it off – a treat.

“We give free whitening to all of our patients because that’s like the adult lollipop,” explains Dr. Clint Herzog.

“I thought it was fantastic especially the whitening part because I pay for that so if I could get it for free why wouldn’t I,” said Robin Cappel, a patient at Floss Dentistry.

Patients seem to have a taste for the new service.

Herzog’s dentistry is open in multiple locations, with two new offices opening in Austin and Houston.

While patients are allowed to drink, they cannot put their visits on a tab.


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