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MojitoGate! The Bartending Stand Against the Mojito

on 08/08/12 at 8:17 am

Booze News

Think you’re being cool and savvy and classy and tasteful (and minty!) when you order a mojito at a bar? You’re actually ordering up a fresh and wrathful enemy in the form of your bartender, according to an intriguing reveal of what happens in the minds of those who make the drinks, via the New York Post. Sara Pepitone reports from the frontlines of MojitoGate, where it turns out, bartenders are doing all sorts of things to prevent you from ordering that delicious, refreshing cocktail you so crave.

Among the various excuses bartenders will give: “The bar doesn’t have mint (or other ingredients needed)”; “It takes too long to make,” “It’s no longer cool (are you sure you want to drink that?).” The real reasons bartenders don’t want to make you your mojito: The process is messy, they take too long to make (and time is money), and it appears bartenders are just plum tired of making mojitos. Also, only amateurs (usually, Pepitone says, middle-aged men) order mojitos, because it’s something “they’ve heard of.” And all that grinding of the mint is exhausting! Even worse, mojitos have what we’ll dub the Mojito Multiplying effect.