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NJ Sees Business Boon In New Craft Distillery Rules

on 20/08/13 at 1:34 pm

Booze News

imagesCape May County, which has begun to make a name for itself in the craft beer and wine markets, may now have the opportunity to break into the hard stuff–thanks to legislation signed into law earlier this week.

On Wednesday, Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation that created a craft distillery license, which would allow distillers who make up to 20,000 gallons of hard liquor a year to purchase the license for $938, Before, supporters of the bill said, micro-distilleries were priced out of a state plenary liquor license, which ran at about $12,500 and had no limits on production.

The law will go into effect Dec. 1.

Ryan Krill, president of the Cape May Brewing Company, said Friday that the brewery may be looking into expanding to operate a whiskey still.

“We would love to do a side project with distilling,” he said. “We’ve been talking seriously about it for a while.”

Krill said that the company would most likely look into liquors that contain malt, like whiskey, because the whiskey-making process is similar to how beer is brewed and it contains many of the same ingredients.

Local wineries may also get in on the distilling business to supplement their vineyards. Brandy, for example, may be a viable option because it’s made from distilled wines.