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One In 10 Brits Need Booze To Get In Mood For Sex

on 05/08/13 at 9:17 am

Booze News

indexOne in 10 Brits have admitted that they need a drink before they get between the sheets for sex, a new survey has revealed.

Two thirds of the adults, who said that they need a stiff drink before they get between the sheets for sex, admitted that they just cannot perform when they are sober, the Daily Star reported.

The poll conducted by UKMedix.com found that only 11 percent of Brits last had sex without having a drink first over the past half year.

It was also revealed that just 52 percent of the people surveyed said they’d had sex with their partners without being under the influence of alcohol within the last month, while nearly two-thirds said booze made them feel more confident under the covers.

Around 40 percent admitted that alcohol made them a letdown in bed.