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Oysters! Wine! Bliss! Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition

on 06/05/11 at 8:42 am

Booze News

Taylor Shellfish Farms is pleased to announce the Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition 2011 “Oyster Award” winners!

After three tiers of judging wines with oysters (119 wines entered), 10 West Coast wines (5 California, 3 Washington and 2 Oregon) have been selected as equal winners of the 2011 “Oyster Award” awarded to wines judged best mates for oysters. Wines were judged blind with Kumamoto oysters. Judges chew the oyster well, smell and taste the wine and then look for a clean, crisp finish that doesn’t get in the way of the next oyster. We call it the “bliss factor”.

Final judgings were held April 26 at the Water Grill in Los Angeles, April 27 at Sutro’s at the Cliff House in San Francisco and April 28 at Anthony’s HomePort in Seattle. Scores from the 37 judges…top food and wine media, restaurateurs, retailers and oyster growers…in three cities were combined to select the 2011 winners.

“Not many wines work with oysters,” says Lane Hoss, Vice President of Marketing for Anthony’s Restaurants. “That is why we are thankful to have this competition. Oysters are popular. We wait for the results every year.”

“The search for the best wines to go with oysters adds to the excitement and culture of oysters,” says Bill Taylor, President of Taylor Shellfish Farms. “The acclaim by the wine and restaurant industries, as well as the media, makes it fun for everyone.”

The Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition is sponsored by Taylor Shellfish Farms and organized by founder Jon Rowley, Jon Rowley & Associates, Seattle.


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