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Serve summertime cocktails by the pitcher full

on 10/05/11 at 9:35 am

Booze News

How about a raspberry mojito?

It’s almost summertime, and the living can be just a little bit easier with pitcher cocktails.

Whether you’re mixing up a batch of margaritas for friends in your backyard or ordering a round of mai tais for the table, pitchers are a quick and easy way to rethink your drink for a crowd.

At Spoonbar in the wine country town of Healdsburg, Calif., bar manager Scott Beattie knew early on that he wanted to serve cocktails by the pitcher. So he ordered a Kold-Draft ice cube machine capable of making big, dense cubes that keep drinks cold without diluting them.

It’s also efficient. With the cubes and a really big shaker, “it takes just about as long to make one drink as it does to make five,” he points out.

The drinks are shaken, strained and poured into a pitcher.

“It’s been great, people really dig it,” says Beattie, author of “Artisanal Cocktails.”

Other cocktail enthusiasts also are shaking up pitcher-perfect cocktails.

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