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Sipping cocktails at 35,000ft: Airlines’ latest innovation

on 29/03/13 at 3:16 pm

Booze News

a1Airlines are enticing new customers by serving exceptional cocktails in business- and first-class flights, but mixing drinks at 35,000ft isn’t always easy.

Is there anything more glamorous than sipping cocktails at 35,000ft in the air? Maybe but as far as ‘because-I’m-worth-it’ moments go, this comes high on the list. Picture it: there you are drifting through the clouds, cocooned in your leather seat and with attentive cabin crew on hand to serve your Martini just the way you like it.

It sounds like something from a James Bond film. Not modern-day Daniel Craig Bond but classic Sean Connery Bond – when flying was the epitome of glamour and elegance and people dressed to match the mood. Champagne and fine wines are all well and good but they can’t beat the personal ritual of making a cocktail to order. It’s a trend that more and more airlines are taking on board – and yes, the pun is intended.

The magic begins at ground level, in the airport lounges. At the very least, most will offer a Bloody Mary station where customers can blend their own versions of the drink. At the other end of the scale you’ll find full-on bars. Take the experience offered in Virgin Clubhouses for instance, where passengers can choose from an extensive selection of quality cocktails. Step up to its Grey Goose Loft Bar at Heathrow Terminal 3 and passengers can choose from the Taste By Appointment menu, selecting a drink from five flavour profiles (sweet, sour, umami, bitter and salt). With two drinks in each category, options include a Black Truffle Martini or Bloody Mary with a French Twist for umami, or Grey Goose Le Fizz or Blossom Bellini for sweet.