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Super Bowl Grub: Chocolate Beer Truffles

on 27/01/11 at 6:35 pm

Booze News

“I love chocolate and I love beer. Put the two together and I am down for the count. I made these over the weekend and ended up eating nearly half of them. Ten, yes, 10 truffles later, 30 minutes lost and two days’ work gone, I am wearing my fat jeans. My skinny jeans with the stretched seams are now buried under some mismatched socks.

Okay, so maybe the debut of the fat jeans doesn’t completely coincide with the truffle-fest, but word of warning — these are addictive so try to eat them in the presence of others so you don’t end up inhaling them like I did. On that note, they’re perfect for a super bowl party — what’s better than  beer and chocolate in the same mouthful?”

{Recipe here}

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