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Time for Betty Ford…this monkey’s a liquor addict aka alky

on 11/01/11 at 11:55 am

Booze News

This is no monkey business but here’s a primate which is actually addicted to liquor. She just cannot do without a peg or two in the evening. Her addiction has made her a talking point at a time when anti-drinking campaigns are gaining ground here.

Former chief minister Shibu Soren and his son, deputy chief minister, Hemant Soren, are strong advocates of de-addiction among tribals.

On Sunday, Hemant, in fact, went on to discourage tribals from even drinking handia (country-made liquor from mahua) at the Sohrai festival at Dumka. Soren, earlier imposed community fine on tribals if found guilty of liquor consumption.

But, Maina, this female monkey, is not moved by the de-addiction drive. A roadside hotel at Navadih on the Giridih-Jamua Road keeps her as a pet. The owner, Vishwanath Singh, said she got hooked to the bottle after she started taking sips from leftover bottles thrown around by truck drivers and cleaners. “When they stay overnight in the hotel, they order liquor,” he said.

Maina observed the guests carefully and then one day picked up a bottle of rum out of curiosity. A truck driver had chucked it in a bin. The taste was so pleasing that she started looking around for more and slowly got intoxicated.

She’s not brand conscious. She laps up whatever is offered to her by customers. Singh offers her country liquor and customers offer her rum, which is easily available here.

Human beings can’t come out of liquor addiction, so how can an ape? “As evening descends, she feels uncomfortable and starts scratching her body. The discomfort ceases the moment a few drops are offered to her,” said the hotel owner.


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