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Top 10 Spirits to Sneak Into a Football Game in Your Flask

on 10/09/12 at 9:33 am

Booze News

Let’s face it, the criteria for spirits changes considerably when you pour it into a flask and take it to a football game.  A flask full of Green Chartreuse would be awesome but it would be extremely painful if it got confiscated, and not everyone loves sipping extremely intense high proof liqueurs.

What you drink sitting out in the elements watching the game has a very different purpose than when you are sitting in the comfort of your own home watching a football game on your widescreen HD TV from your warm, fluffy couch.  We’ve pulled together a list of spirits that we think are perfect for a flask at the game to keep you warm and are perfect for sharing. For our list we’ve tried to pick spirits that can be found at or under the $20 a bottle price point.

Bacardi 8 Year Rum – good enough to be sipped straight and not too fancy to put in your coke, Bacardi 8 is our top pick for what you should put in your flask for a football game. While many people grab the Bacardi Superior white rum, the Bacardi 8 Year is a significant step up without a huge leap in price and can often be found under $20 a bottle. Bacardi 8 is delicous and will surprise and delight your friends as you pass them your flask.

Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky –  people get so hung up on single malts that they tend to overlook great options in the blended scotch whisky. The truth is you don’t want to put The Macallan 12 or 18 in your flask and take it with you to a football game (talk about a painful confiscation scenario). With a good blend you can get a lot of the great flavors you love in scotch without paying an arm and a leg. Famous Grouse Scotch actually HAS both The Macallan and Highland Park Whisky in the mix with a price well under $20. Famous Grouse is also terrific in ginger ale, an easy drink to make while you’re in the stands cheering your team.

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