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Troops need equipment? Let ’em drink beer

on 03/03/11 at 10:55 am

Booze News

“Mr. Chairman, our troops need this force-protection equipment, and they need it now,” Gates pleaded. “Every day that goes by without this equipment, the lives of our troops are at greater risk.” He urged action “today” on the funds, admonishing: “We should not put American lives at risk to protect specific programs or contractors.”

The lawmakers, however, had other priorities. The first question to Gates and Mullen proffered by Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), a senior panel member, related to his contention that 18-year-old soldiers “cannot have a beer at the NCO club or whatever.” To remedy this injustice, Kingston said, he introduced legislation so that underage soldiers can drink beer on their posts. He asked the Pentagon to report to him on “how that could be a good idea.”

{Full story via Washington Post}

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