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Uh Oh. Who spilled red wine on the upholstery? Get it out fast

on 27/12/10 at 7:26 pm

Booze News

Serve red wine at a party and it’s going to be spilled. Here’s how to remove those red wine stains from fabric, carpet and upholstery after the party’s over.

That was some party, but now it’s over. Guests have gone on their merry way leaving you with a mountain of cleanup to be done and red wine stains to remove. How will you ever get those red wine stains out of the tablecloth, carpet and couch? Here’s how –

Treat Red Wine Stains Immediately

As soon as red wine is spilled, blot as much of the liquid up as possible with a clean cloth. If white wine is on hand, dab white wine into the red wine stain to neutralize the color, if white wine is not available, dab a little cool water into the red wine stain.

If red wine is spilled onto carpet, cover the stain with a pile of table salt and let stand overnight, the salt will absorb the liquid. To prevent anyone from stepping in the salt, invert a plastic bowl over the salt pile.

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