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Whatta job! NY liquor inspectors drink up on taxpayers’ tab

on 03/07/13 at 1:50 pm

Booze News

indexState Liquor Authority inspectors jokingly referred to the practice of racking up big booze and food bills while checking that eateries weren’t violating liquor laws as ‘f—ing the duck,’ referring to stealing from taxpayers, according to an agency insider.

One Cosmopolitan cocktail might be good enough for fans emulating ‘Sex in the City,’ but 10 New York Liquor Authority agents covering 35,000 bars, clubs and restaurants in the city indulged in $3,481 in drinks and food over the past three years, records show.

New York State Liquor Authority inspectors are drinking away your tax dollars.

The probers are racking up pricey booze bills while investigating restaurants suspected of illegally serving alcoholic drinks outdoors, the Daily News has learned.

In one case, two inspectors checking out a Staten Island restaurant ordered six bottles of Bud Light, running up a $54 tab, while checking to ensure the restaurant wasn’t violating liquor laws, according to records obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request.