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Why doesn’t alcohol have nutrition labels?

on 30/10/13 at 8:44 am

Booze News

image004How much fiber is in your shot of Jim Beam? What vitamins are in your gin?

If those questions sound odd, get ready: The same nutritional information you see on Gatorade may soon be coming to raspberry vodka.

It turns out the government has different regulatory bodies for food and spirits, but a recently proposed change could mean uniform nutritional labels across all consumable goodies (including booze). It all stems from some fairly complicated legal designations that separate food (headed up by the FDA) from some, but not all, alcohol (which is regulated by the Department of the Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau).

In a popular thread from Reddit’s “Explain It Like I’m Five” page, Redditors have been trying to explain why alcohol doesn’t need to disclose the same nutritional information as, say, Coca-Cola.

Basically, it comes down to some pretty ambiguous legal distinctions, like whether or not a beer uses malted grain. (That explains why gluten-free beer and hard cider count as regular old foodstuffs.)

Redditors have, like us, been a little confused:

“Why no nutrition labels on the liquor bottles we buy? Isn’t it important to know about what we are drinking?” — minutemilitia