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A Disturbing Trend

on 15/06/12 at 9:36 am

BoozeBlog, Spirits

A Jack with a Coke Back. A simple request, really. Instead putting that little bit of liquor liquid into your coke, you deter it to a shot glass. And thus, you have your medicinal drink and your spoonful of sugar. Recognized in establishments from top shelf, to under the floorboards. And yet, lately, I’ve ordered this drink and been charged full price for a drink ($9) and then another $4 for the coke. The bartender holds fast to the fact that I got two drinks. I explain that one of them is in a tiny thing called a shot glass. And he could pour it into the coke glass quite easily. Haggling over loud music with bartenders is not pleasant. I can’t believe why they would tow the line so hard, unless their managers have laid down the law. ¬†Their tip dissipates¬†rapidly, the more they refuse to give me a $9 Jack with a free Coke back.

The small amount of coke that is displaced when you actually mix the Jack and the Coke in one glass is not worth four dollars.   Troubador is very hardcore about this point, Hotel Cafe provided a problem the other night. Being rigid on this only makes one look CHEAP and GRASPING. Not the vibe you want to cultivate in your establishment.

D.R. Stewart