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on 22/09/10 at 6:34 pm

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Hawaii has the sugar cane. This we know. And it would follow, Rum. But, those same folks who brought you the one crappy position for sex, have interfered with sugar’s natural progression. Apparently, the missionaries discouraged rum production on the islands for years, and the lucrative real estate market has discouraged it lately. The cost to have a production facility is prohibitive. Kōloa Rum Company seeks to reverse this trend.

They are the only rum maker on the Island of Kaua ̀i. Says President of Kōloa Bob Gunter: “We want this to be the next Napa, a destination place for Rum.”  To bring this knowledge to the Lost Anglos, Kōloa sponsored a night of 50s cocktails at Caña (formerly The Doheny) . I made my way through the Spark Plug, Cloak & Dagger, Honeysuckle, Cuban #2, Natural Daiquiri. All of them tart, none with that oppressive caramel taste bad rum can carry. The kinda rum drinks you drank freshman year at college, to show you could handle more than Sloe Gin Fizzes.

Kōloa Rum is created using a vintage copper pot still that made its way to Hawaii via Kentucky and New England. The rum maker also happens to be Bob and he feels their process of using raw sugar crystals instead of heating up molasses allows for a naturally high concentration of sucrose and molasses. This coupled with the abundance of rainfall on Kaua ̀i, allows them an ingredient that boasts of a volcanic filtering system. The tasting room is located on the Historic Kilohana Plantation – bring some Puka Dogs and make it a picnic.

~ D.R. Stewart for BoozeNews

Historic Kilohana Plantation

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