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Could it be? Australians switching from beer to wine

on 22/01/11 at 11:51 am


The iconic image of an Australian with a long cool beer in hand may not hold true forever, with statistics showing Australians are drinking less beer these days than at any time in the past 61 years.

In a report titled “No Longer a Nation of Beer Drinkers,” the Australian Bureau of Statistics said that beer consumption has fallen gradually but consistently since the 1960s, while consumption of wines and spirits has increased.

“Over the past 50 years, the level of apparent consumption of different alcoholic beverages has changed substantially,” the report said.

In terms of volume, beer consumption peaked in 1948-1949 at around 190 litres per person, but by 2008-2009 that had decreased to 107 litres per person.

{Full story via Reuters}

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