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BrandWatch, Prooftag create new technology to fight counterfeiting in wine & spirits industry

on 14/01/11 at 9:57 am


BrandWatch Technologies and Prooftag have formed a partnership that creates a new set of protection and marketing tools for the wine and spirits industry to help domestic wineries and distilleries solve the problems of counterfeit product and authentication in foreign markets.

BrandWatch, a Portland-based provider of brand security and product authentication systems, is now offering Prooftag’s Bubble Seal technology as an integrated component to its multi-layered protection system. This new brand protection system features overt, covert, track & trace, and forensic technologies.

Prooftag is a France-based developer of security and traceability systems for brand protection.

The partnership also provides the brand owners with an iPhone app that allows distributors and consumers to verify the product they are holding is authentic.

The iProof app uses the phone’s camera to take a picture of the Bubble Seal, which then cross-references an online database of products to confirm authenticity. Instant offline authenticity can be achieved with the BrandWatch Reveal detector.

BrandWatch Technologies business development vice president Steve Delepine said the company’s partnership with Prooftag enables North American wineries and distilleries to more confidently sell into new markets.

Multi-layered brand protection includes a combination of elements such as industry and regulatory compliance, information technology systems, and enforcement mechanisms. Layers include overt, covert and tracking measures for authentication.


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