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Carlsberg sells Dresden brewery, increases China investment

on 04/01/11 at 9:51 am


Carlsberg has sold a brewery in Dresden to Frankfurter Brauhaus in order to focus on key brands in the region. The Danish brewer has also just increased its investment in the Chinese firm Chongqing Brewery.

The Dresden brewery employs 172 people and produces the Swiss beer brand Feldschlösschen for the Northern German market.

Core brand focus

Carlsberg said it is selling the brewery to Frankfurter Brauhaus in order to concentrate on its five core brands in Northern Germany: Carlsberg, Holsten, Lübzer, Duckstein, and Astra.

The disposal of the Dresden facility will result in a total non-cash loss of about DKK 130m (€17.4m) which will be included in special items for 2010. Cash proceeds from the disposal will be received in 2011.

China investment

Carlsberg published details of the sale yesterday having announced last week that it had increased its shareholding in Chongqing Brewery from 17.46 per cent to 29.71 per cent.

The move makes Carlsberg the biggest shareholder in Chongqing Brewery.

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