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China’s state liquor to open offices abroad

on 29/05/11 at 3:36 pm

BEIJING: The producer of China’s official state liquor is planning to set up five offices overseas to promote the beverage and introduce a part of Chinese culture abroad.

Yuan Renguo , chairman of the Kweichou Moutai liquor company, said his firm would open five offices over the next five years to introduce “Moutai culture” to foreign consumers, Xinhua reported.

The five offices will open in North America, Australia or New Zealand, Japan or South Korea, France and Russia, said Yuan.

Demand for Moutai liquor – composed of mineral water, sorghum and grain – has increased in recent years both at home and abroad, he said. “We must have the ambition to make Moutai a world-renowned beverage and an international brand.”

The company aims to generate 40 billion yuan (around $6.2 billion) in revenue by 2015, according to the projected sales figures.

It hopes to produce 40 million litres of Moutai liquor by that year.

The company’s distillery churned out around 32 million litres of Moutai liquor in 2010, generating a net profit of five billion yuan.

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