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Diageo North America ‘Disappointed’ In Alcopops Ruling

on 19/02/11 at 10:31 am


A global producer of beer, wine and spirits is hoping for an appeal to a judge’s ruling earlier this week to overturn a Nebraska Liquor Control Commission classification on flavored malt beverages.

Diageo North America said it “fully supports the NLCC’s 2008 decision to codify Nebraska’s longstanding practice of following federal standards when it comes to classifying flavored malt beverages as beer, and we are disappointed in the court’s recent ruling on this matter.”

The ruling was the result of a multi-plantiff lawsuit filed in 2009 following the NLCC’s 2008 classification of so-called alcopops, which include adult drinks like Bacardi Breezers and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

The products start out as brewed malt beverages and are flavored with distilled spirits. Diageo said they  contain the same alcohol as traditional beer.

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