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New Orleans is setting trends in the alcohol industry

on 28/11/12 at 6:35 am


Alcoholic beverages have long been an essential part of different customs and occasions – from religious events and celebrations to social situations and, at times, during an emotional crisis. However, in recent years, the alcohol industry has witnessed increasing demand and growth, particularly as a result of the gradual economic recovery in the country.

Shaping new trends in the way consumers drink and choose what they drink, the beverage industry’s growth can best be evidenced through the popularity of “mixologists,” handcrafted cocktails, premiumization, new flavor offerings, and innovative products.

For better or for worse, New Orleans has always been known for its mass consumption of alcohol. It’s where “last calls” cease to exit, cocktails are poured in to-go cups, and drive-through daiquiris stands are more prevalent than Taco Bells.  Let’s be honest, there is even a street – which resembles somewhat of a debauch Main St, Disneyland – dedicated to boozing and revelry, and coincidentally shares its name with American whisky. Fun fact: Bourbon Street was actually originally named after a French monarchy.

These days, New Orleans is coming out of its hungover haze and competing with leading markets in the country within several industries, including digital media, biosciences, and film.