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Nielsen Explores the Alcoholic Beverage Consumer’s Mindset

on 28/12/12 at 11:49 am


A new Nielsen Category Shopping Fundamentals study pulls back the curtain on the consumer’s mindset when they buy alcoholic beveragesand highlights some key takeaways to help drive sales.

Exploring the demographics of alcoholic beverage consumers, the study found that Millennials are experimental and attentive consumers. Retailers can reach this group of shoppers through in-store displays, promotions and new product launches. Hispanic consumers, on the other hand, are highly engaged with pre-store influencers. Tailored messaging resonates with this demographic and can influence decisions made later at the shelf.

As for the convenience store industry’s traditional core customers, the study found that males purchase more alcoholic beverages than females. “While differences become more nuanced by category, current marketing activity seems to resonate more strongly with male consumers,” according to Nielsen. “Females are more difficult to reach as they prove to be less engaged with both in-store and pre-store stimuli. Females are also more likely to purchase alcohol at the request of another person.”

The Nielsen study also highlighted some key category takeaways…