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Strapped States Look To Alcohol For Shot Of Cash

on 03/02/11 at 5:35 pm


Most states are confronting budget deficits big enough to drive a person to drink. Now, some of them are turning to a good, stiff drink to help generate new tax revenue.

Fiscally strapped states and local jurisdictions have been beating back entrenched political opposition and moral objections to permit Sunday alcohol sales as a generator of new tax revenue.

As state legislatures were gaveled into session in January, Connecticut, Indiana and Texas became the latest to take up legislation that would lift bans on Sunday sales at “package” stores, which sell alcohol that must be consumed off site. (Proposed legislation doesn’t affect restaurants, because most are licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on site every day of the week.)

Across the country, more elected officials are targeting so-called vices, such as cigarettes, for tax hikes as a politically safer alternative to raising property and income taxes.

{Full story via NPR}

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