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10 Best Cocktails in Toronto

on 03/03/11 at 11:37 am


As the simulated digital world becomes all the more persuasive, there’s an understandable impulse to get real. Is it a coincidence that dudes are walking around dressed like lumberjacks at the same time they can’t see the forest for the texts? The new authenticity has brought us hipster knitting, nose to tail, Daptone and the cocktail revival.

In centres like New York, London, San Francisco and even Vancouver, a loose movement of sleeve-gartered neo-traditionalists and technology-driven innovators is promoting time-honoured drink-mixing techniques, high-quality alcohol and fresh ingredients.

Antique cocktail recipe books have moved from attics to eBay. Ice cubes have come under intense scrutiny, and the extraction of citrus oils has turned into performance art. Flips and sours have gone molecular.

Now the gospel of the cocktail as a free-standing, self-respecting gastronomic entity has reached Toronto, a city that didn’t even issue its first cocktail licence until the middle of the last century.

{Full story via Now Toronto}

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