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20 Top-Selling Global Spirits

on 13/06/12 at 1:03 pm


TOP 20 GLOBAL SPIRITS (figures are per annum)

1.Jinro (soju) – 61.38 m cases

2.Smirnoff (vodka) – 24.70m cases

3.Lotte Liquor (soju) – 23.90m cases

4.Emperador (brandy) – 20.10m cases

5.Bacardi (rum) – 19.56m cases

6.Tanduay (rum) -18.71m cases

7.Pirassunga 51 (cachaca) – 18.60m cases

8.Johnnie Walker (Scotch whisky) – 18.00m cases

9.Officer’s Choice (Indian whisky) – 16.53m cases

10.McDowell’s No.1 (Indian whisky) – 16.08m cases

11.Bagpiper (Indian whisky) – 15.98m cases

12.McDowell’s No.1 Celebration (rum) – 15.63m cases

13.Red Star Er Guo Tou (baijiu) – 13.68m cases

14.Royal Stag (Indian whisky) – 12.49m cases

15.McDowell’s No.1 (Indian brandy) – 11.72m cases

16.Absolut (vodka) – 11.21m cases

17.Old Tavern (Indian whisky) – 11.07m cases

18. Original Choice (Indian whisky) – 10.77m cases

19. Jack Daniel’s (US whiskey) – 10.58m cases

20.Pitu (cachaca) – 10.49m case

Jinro sells a staggering 61.4 million cases of soju a year while Smirnoff manages just 24.7 million yet is in second place.

Hamish Smith of Drinks International said: ‘Jinro’s dominance of the global spirits industry is perhaps of no great surprise – the world’s other brands have over 35 million cases to catch up.’