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5 Macallan single malts have distinctive tastes. Taste here.

on 16/01/11 at 10:56 pm


In the world of single malt Scotch, there are a few distilleries that stand above the others in the minds of many aficionados.

Certainly, the Macallan is one of them. Elegant. Luxurious. Its product is sometimes called “the Cognac of single malts.” In an industry that typically ages its whiskies in used American Bourbon barrels, the Macallan is the only distillery that uses traditional sherry casks either exclusively or in part for all of its spirits.

For those not up to speed with single malt Scotch — and with Robbie Burns day celebrations not far off — there are a few basics. They must be made in one distillery only and aged in Scotland. There are only three ingredients — water, malted barley and peat. They must spend at least three years in barrel before they can be bottled and sold.

Of course, no respectable malt is actually released after three years, definitely not the Macallan. This is, after all, the royalty of the Speyside malts, Speyside being the area in northeastern Scotland where roughly half the country’s working distilleries are clustered.

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