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ADI Announces the Official Certification of Craft American Spirits

on 17/07/13 at 5:57 pm


ADI 1.5 ROUND CDThe American Distilling Institute is proud to announce the official certification of craft American spirits. We are witnessing the explosive growth of the most exciting segment of the alcoholic beverage landscape — hand-made, small-batch spirits produced by independently-owned distilleries.

But there continues to be debate and confusion as to what is “craft”. ADI is taking a stand to educate the public, distributors, retailers and bartenders, clearing up confusion.

ADI has applied to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a certification mark for Certified Craft Distilled Spirits and Certified Craft Blended Spirits. The license to use this mark is a benefit of full membership for distilleries that complete the application process. Read about the background and history of this project here.

We are set to launch a searchable online database for craft produced and craft distilled products to determine if a product is a Certified Craft Spirit. Craft designation has two tiers — Craft Distilled Spirits and Craft Blended Spirits (details outlined here). Learn how to apply for certification here. Initial certified spirits are listed here on our home page.

Watch for our new issue of Distiller Magazine, out this month, with dramatically increased readership (nearly 3000 more copies), expanded pages and articles, and details on Craft Certification.

ADI is building the bridge to the consumer that will separate craft from imitation. We invite you to walk across that bridge with us to continue the expansion of the craft spirits market.

SOURCE: The American Distilling Institute