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Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project

on 03/05/11 at 11:11 am


This is a project that Buffalo Trace has been working on for over ten years.  It is intriguing, but at the same time a bit confusing.  This is Called the Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project.  It started with 96 American White Oak trees from the Missouri Ozarks.  The trees were selected for their grains, some tightly grained that comes from slow growth, and some loosely grained that comes from rapid growth.

The trees were then split in two, top and bottom.  Staves were made from each part of the tree and kept together for aging and finally barrel construction.  So now you 192 barrels, each made from either the top or bottom of a single oak tree.  Phase one complete.

Phase two is the charring of the barrels.  Barrels were charred to different degrees.  Some were deeply charred, while others lightly, and varying levels in between.  How many levels I don’t know, they never really said.  I would have liked to know this as it has an effect on the number of variables that go into each whiskey…

{Full story via Beer and Whiskey Bros.}

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