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From Toronto: An Ode to the Sazerac

on 11/04/11 at 9:29 am


One of the great side effects of spending two weeks drinking cocktails is the opportunity to learn all about the things you never even knew you didn’t know. For example, prior to this odyssey of alcoholic indulgence – f-yeah! – I pictured the golden age of cocktails to be, ironically, the twenties — around the time of prohibition.

I imagined barmen in secret underground speakeasies with heavy, metal doors you needed to know the password to get through. Those barmen, distilling their own concoctions using all sorts of bitter herbs and spices and mixing real cocktails, ones with bite.

Part of that fantasy might be true, but one could make a strong argument that the true golden age of cocktails came long before prohibition, way back in the mid nineteenth century and a prime example of that era’s supremacy comes in today’s cocktail–the Sazerac.

Lucky for me, this drink has made a resurgence as of late in many of the city’s finer drinking holes, one of which being Parts & Labour. Say what you like about the place, I’ll say this–they’ve got a great cocktail list and the bartenders are as friendly as they come. But the question remains, how did they do in recreating this 150-year-old cocktail? Lets See:

Sazerac – 2oz, $10.00

Rye whiskey

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