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Learn How to Drink Whiskey

on 03/01/11 at 1:57 pm

Take a generic poll about what people’s impression of the drink whiskey is, and more than half of them will tell you how they think that whiskey is a man’s drink. A beverage that can be truly appreciated only when you acquire the taste, drinking whiskey has always had a bit of mystique attached to it. A man ordering whiskey is always someone who seems to be in charge of himself, and a woman ordering whiskey is more often than not admired. Learning how to drink whiskey is an art and differs depending on the different whiskey types. In this article, we tell you what is the best way to drink whiskey so that you can appreciate it for the rich, moody flavor that it has.
Drinking Whiskey: An Overview

As mentioned earlier, there is subtle sense of aesthetics that can be attached to entire process of drinking whiskey, or whisky as the Scots call it. From the first time you pour it out into your glass, to when you take the first sip, there is a certain technique that needs to be followed. There are many ways to drink whiskey, from drinking it neat, without any additive to drinking it on the rocks. Here is how to drink whiskey so that you can truly appreciate it.

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