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Pisco – the Latin Libation

on 19/04/11 at 5:14 pm


Pisco Sour

Pisco. ( Pronounced Peace-co) It’s the Peruvian version of Grappa. To those who haven’t had it before, Grappa is a rough brandy made from the leavings of wine production, the stems and skins and seeds of which are pressed (Grappa is “press” or “clamp” in Italian) and distilled to a high-temperature, sometimes rugged brandy.

Pisco has been around since the 17th century and there are various levels of drinkability by brand. Alto de Carmen, for example, is hard to find and can be enjoyed unadulterated, briefly chilled with ice and dumped in a snifter. Many others I suspect are a vital components of the Peruvian Space Program and can only be enjoyed un-mixed by life-long devotees.

The most common use of this intriguing Peruvian rocket fuel is the Pisco Sour, or as we used to call it, “Adios Margarita.”  I’ve found a great product that is good enough to have un-mixed and is readily obtainable called Don Ceasar.

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