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What are you doing for World Gin Day, Saturday 6/15?

on 14/06/13 at 7:58 am


imagesAs if you lot needed an excuse, it’s World Gin Day on Saturday. An ancient rite, ever since some gin marketing people invented it a couple of minutes ago, World Gin Day traditionally sees families up and down the country gather round the Gin Tree to say prayers to Mother Juniper before the children take to the streets, knocking on doors for gin and setting alight to virgins.

Sadly, these traditions are seldom upheld these days — but to make up for it, there are plenty of opportunities to drink gin. At Ginstock on Kingsland Road, you may sample eight gin cocktails made by eight London bartenders and vote for the best. There are tastings at the City of London Distillery, a walking tour around William Hogarth’s “Gin Lanes” in Clerkenwell and lashings of the stuff at The Star at Night in Soho, the home of the London Gin Club.