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Yes, Vermouth. Drink It Straight, No Chaser

on 13/04/11 at 1:44 pm


Sip it solo and think beyond the Manhattan.

If you think you don’t like vermouth, you’re wrong. It’s understandable. Like most folks, myself included, you’ve probably just been drinking it incorrectly for, like, ever. The road to vermouth appreciation is an easy one, though. Just follow these steps:

Step One: That old bottle you’ve had for years? Pour it down the drain. It will be oxidized and beyond its shelf life—the key culprit in vermouth’s wrongful vilification.

Step Two: Think beyond the major brands. They are fine to mix with, but there’s much more complex stuff out there that will open your world to rich and delicate tastes you never knew existed. Try one of the bottles here.

Step Three: Drink it on its own. Slightly chilled and/or on the rocks. I know how crazy this must sound as you’ve probably only used drops of it in a Manhattan or a martini, but it is delightful. There are things that Europeans like that don’t really work in the U.S.—siestas, Smart cars, Speedos—but drinking vermouth as an aperitif is one thing that does.

Step Four: Keep drinking it. A bottle really only lasts a month and, unless you’ll be done with it in a week, stick it in the fridge.

Step Five: Repeat steps three and four. And then maybe give that siesta a try.

Full List of Vermouths

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