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• Sexually frustrated fruit flies turn to booze

Sexually frustrated fruit flies turn to booze

Guys, when your sweetheart says, “No thanks” to sex, do you knock back a few stiff drinks to feel better? Turns out fruit flies do. That’s the word from a new study that may explain why both species react that way. In today’s issue of the journal Science, researchers offer a biological explanation for why, […]

• See Your Brain on Booze

See Your Brain on Booze

The human brain is a tangled mess of somewhere between 80 and 120-billion neurons, and these neurons are continuously creating and breaking trillions of connections with one another. What the incongruous results of Nutt and Vollenweider call attention to is the fact that neuroimaging studies have to approach the complexity of the brain from as […]

• College Students’ Periodic Table Guide to Boozing

College Students’ Periodic Table Guide to Boozing

Click to enlarge awesome infographic Via: Best Online Colleges blog

• Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project

Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project

This is a project that Buffalo Trace has been working on for over ten years.  It is intriguing, but at the same time a bit confusing.  This is Called the Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project.  It started with 96 American White Oak trees from the Missouri Ozarks.  The trees were selected for their grains, some tightly grained […]