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• The Most Stupidly Expensive Cocktails in the World

The Most Stupidly Expensive Cocktails in the World

Money is for spending, improving your life, and making you feel better, which makes a cocktail the perfect purchase. Hangovers are easier to deal with than taxes, because you actually can hide under the bedcovers until they go away. Anyone complaining about that cocktails cost more is forgetting that money is a medium of exchange, […]

• Worst. Cocktails. Ever.

Worst. Cocktails. Ever.

PERHAPS SHE HAD already had two drinks. Perhaps it was only one. Whatever the case, the adage that drinking breaks down inhibitions about further drinking seemed particularly relevant. She tilted her head in a manner suggesting the former. “I’ll have a mint julep,” she cooed. Her similarly tilted-headed friend giggled as she said, “Me, too.” […]