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• Why Does Beer Smell So Delicious?

Why Does Beer Smell So Delicious?

Scientists have discovered why beer smells so good — and it has nothing to do with us. Beer, that living, breathing elixir, smells the way it smells to appeal to a totally different species. A pair of Belgian researchers (where else could they be from, right?) has accidentally stumbled on the answer to a question […]

• Sexually frustrated fruit flies turn to booze

Sexually frustrated fruit flies turn to booze

Guys, when your sweetheart says, “No thanks” to sex, do you knock back a few stiff drinks to feel better? Turns out fruit flies do. That’s the word from a new study that may explain why both species react that way. In today’s issue of the journal Science, researchers offer a biological explanation for why, […]

• 14 Household Uses For Beer

14 Household Uses For Beer

Most of us don’t usually think of beer as an earth-friendly alternative to improving our gardens and lawns or dealing with a host of pests. However, if you can bring yourself to part ways with your favorite brew, or at least invest in some of the cheap stuff, you’ll be surprised by beer’s many uses. […]