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• Hey, here’s how to make a pumpkin kegger

Hey, here’s how to make a pumpkin kegger

Nothing says October like a pumpkin full of beer! The folks at Celebrations recently adapted a summery watermelon keg idea for the fall season, and gave it a test run. The verdict? A smashing success! You just need a pumpkin, some tools for hollowing it out, and a spigot you can use for the tap […]

• Top 10 Cocktails for Halloween

Top 10 Cocktails for Halloween

Halloween is definitely one the best times of the year. Drinking cocktails, partying in costumes, and having tons of fun with friends is what this holiday is all about. The top ten Halloween cocktails are a must try, must serve for any party. Anything goes on Halloween, and it is about time people drink spirits […]