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• Whisky Fans, Your Guide to Islay ‘Queen of the Hebrides’

Whisky Fans, Your Guide to Islay ‘Queen of the Hebrides’

Or, as it’s even more affectionately known to whisky fans, ‘the one with all the distilleries on it’. For anyone who enjoys a good single malt, this island in the Scottish inner Hebrides (the most southerly one, just west of the Mull of Kintyre, and south of Jura) is essentially a very picturesque whisky theme […]

• Bordeaux Bashers Beware! There's More Here Than $1,550 Bottles

Like many young savvy sommeliers, 33-year-old Michael Madrigale of New York’s Bar Boulud, extols obscure wines from the Jura, swoons over Burgundy and indulges in Bordeaux bashing. “All the high prices in Bordeaux have left a collective bad taste in the mouth of everyone,” he said. His Bordeaux customers “are people with gray hair.” But […]