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• Lioco Wine Meets Ammo

Lioco Wine Meets Ammo

Once you’ve been in Los Angeles, you are bound to acquire a certain insider knowledge. You know that the stars mostly do NOT shop on Rodeo, but on Robertson or Montana. You know that they don’t really eat every night at Spago or even some new awesome place like Faith & Flower downtown. They have […]

• Timberlake, Diddy Throw Down in Artisanal Tequila Battle

Timberlake, Diddy Throw Down in Artisanal Tequila Battle

A battle is brewing south of the border care of two musicians-turned-moguls, who have just announced ventures with leading global liquor houses to co-create high-end tequila brands. Justin Timberlake, who founded his own tequila line called 901 (for the area code of his hometown, Memphis) in 2009, will team up with the Beam Inc.-owned Sauza […]

• Rappers’ Booze Endorsements Payoff Bigtime

Rappers’ Booze Endorsements Payoff Bigtime

Rappers’ booze endorsements can pay off big. Just ask P Diddy. “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” Diddy famously rapped years ago, and to keep the money rolling in, he and other rappers and musicians are reaching for the bottle—lending their celebrity to all kinds of booze. The most recent megastar to belly up to […]

• Pharrell explains his milkshake

Pharrell explains his milkshake

Do women really need a low-calorie way to get drunk? Like those great entrepreneurs of libation Francis Ford Coppola and Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams is now in the business of helping you get your drink on. But this one goes out just to the ladies. The multi-hyphenate singer, producer and clothing mogul last week celebrated […]

• How a Blues Brother Earned a Booze Bundle

How a Blues Brother Earned a Booze Bundle

What he did: Actor Dan Aykroyd gained fame as a member of the original cast of Saturday Night Live, where some of his characters were known for their dubious business ideas (think: Irwin Mainway and his Bag-o-Glass kids’ toys). But in real life, Aykroyd has a profitable venture on his hands—Crystal Head Vodka, a boutique […]