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• Get Ready Everybody. February 1st is Pisco Sour Day!

Get Ready Everybody. February 1st is Pisco Sour Day!

In 2003, Peru created the “Día Nacional del Pisco Sour” an official government holiday celebrated on February 8. but we’re celebrating it February 1st…not sure why the difference. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about Pisco from wikipedia. Just reading it will make you thirsty. A Pisco Sour is a cocktail typical of western […]

• Passionate About Pisco

Passionate About Pisco

Master Distiller and restaurateur Johnny Schuler is the preacher of pisco. He’s dedicated to bringing the fragrant Peruvian spirit to the states. Working hard on a marketing campaign to make his this dream a reality, he’s learning how to navigate the different state laws regulating alcohol, about dry and wet states. He said he’s, “learning […]

• Pisco – the Latin Libation

Pisco – the Latin Libation

Pisco. ( Pronounced Peace-co) It’s the Peruvian version of Grappa. To those who haven’t had it before, Grappa is a rough brandy made from the leavings of wine production, the stems and skins and seeds of which are pressed (Grappa is “press” or “clamp” in Italian) and distilled to a high-temperature, sometimes rugged brandy. Pisco has […]

• Artisanal Peruvian Pisco, A Singular Spirit

Artisanal Peruvian Pisco, A Singular Spirit

As un-aged spirits go, I’m a fan of several but pisco wasn’t one of them until San Francisco bartender Duggan McDonnell introduced me to Campo de Encanto, an artisanal Peruvian pisco that he developed in conjunction with sommelier Walter Moore and master distiller Carlos Romero.  Pisco which is produced in Peru and Chile is a […]

• Craft beer from Peru's high jungle to enter Lima market

Craft beer from Peru's high jungle to enter Lima market

Prusia Bier, a craft beer from Peru’s highland jungle region, will soon enter the Lima market, says its brewer Christian Leyva. In 2006, Leyva teamed with beverage experts and developed craft beer formulas which they branded Prusia Bier to honor the region’s immigration from what is now Austria and Germany.